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dotOS v2.3


Changelogs as per 7th June 2018 :-

  • Merged June Security patches | Android _r33
  • Default accent has been changed to OxygenOS accent
  • Added OxygenOS like toggles
  • Implement new QS Panel design inspired from Android P dp1
  • New Platlogo, About Logo and dotOS logo from scratch
  • Lockscreen clock / date style
  • Camera, Gallery, Calculator, FM radio, DocumentsUI apps redesigned and supports inapp theme
  • PowerMenu icons re-designed
  • Added Custom DPI settings under Display
  • Added new Color accents
  • Merged more rom translations
  • dotUI new interference - complete UI remake


"Dear DotOS community, First of all, we kindly ask our dotos fans to forgive us that we skipped the regular weekly update; however it was with a clear purpose. Our core team was working very hard to bring up all new look and refereshed UI to this Oreo release. Today we are extremely pleased to announce the release of Dot Oreo 2.3. This update brings several totally new things to the rom, besides bug fixes and latest security patches. This is a complete overhaul of the look which you will feel and experience when you will flash official/unofficial build on your device. A huge round of applause for our UI/graphics team for bringing up innovative ideas, styles and look to the rom. This is also a moment that we express our heartfelt thanks to all the community for continued love and support to make dotos popular among the users.Together with our over 3.6k strong Telegram community we are equally thankful to our device maintainers who make all the efforts to keep devices bugfree and patiently listen to user feedback. Last but not the least we would also like to thank dotos haters critics, thats right we call them critics for pointing our inadvertent mistakes. Aterall, nothing is perfect in this world but its our duty to make each outgoing step towards it. So we are doing! And by each passing day and with each critical comment we are getting stronger and better in our efforts towards perfection. We believe that this release will be bestowed with even higher popularity as of our previous releases. For more discussions visit of official telegram channel or G+ community. This announcement will be followed by official released of builds, we request our community for a steadfast patience til we release them"

by Captain Flint