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dotOS v3.0 Release


Changelogs as per 21th July 2018 :-

  • February Security Patches (9.0.0_r33).
  • Fresh redesigned Settings Settings UI.
  • New dotOS BatteryView.
  • New boot animation for pie.
  • New redesigned OTA manager.
  • Supports seamless updates.
  • MicroG support added.
  • USB Tether Qs Tile.
  • Caffeine Tile.
  • Added Call recording feature.
  • Added Auto call record feature in dailer.
  • System-wide Themes - Black, Dark, and Light.
  • Some dialer app Improvements.
  • DotOS Neo Theme.
  • Accent Manager - based on Fruity Pebbles.
  • Ability to change 4G icon instead LTE.
  • Ability to add/remove roaming Indicator.
  • UI/UX improvements.
  • Added MusicFx.
  • StatusBar Clock customizations.
  • Updated few Apns.
  • New default wallpaper for pie.
  • Added some new Wallpapers in dotpapers.
  • Lockscreen Clock Widget Fonts.
  • Double tap to sleep on Statusbar and lockscreen.
  • Disable Suggestions on Settings Dashboard.
  • Switch for disabling Screenshot sound.
  • Switch for Wake up screen on Plug.
  • Ability to reset Battery Stats.
  • Statusbar Battery Customizations.
  • Lockscreen Charging Info.
  • Statusbar Network Traffic Display.
  • Sound tile in QS panel.
  • Qs Panel Items Customisations(ability to set row and column size).
  • Partial/Full Screenshot feature qs tile.
  • Sim Manual Provisioning Support.
  • Lockscreen Visualizer Feature.
  • Ability to adjust Qs panel Opacity.
  • QStiles Styles.
  • Lockscreen pattern customisations.
  • Lockscreen weather display.
  • Ambient Music ticker.
  • Custom Button light customizations
  • Battery light customization.
  • SmartNavigation features.
  • Ability to restrict app data/wifi usage.
  • Supports Turbo Charging.
  • Supports Dash Charging.
  • Ability to set ringtone for each sim slot.
  • Volte icon toggle.
  • 3 finger swipe screenshot gesture.
  • Battery Bar on statusbar.
  • Dialer Improvements.
  • Contacts app Improvements.
  • DocumentUI app Improvements.
  • Gallery app Improvements with set of new outline icons.
  • Clock App Improvements.
  • Browser app redesigned.
  • Misc fixes and Under the hood improvements
  • Check Github and Gerrit for More information

So What's going on:

Hello Folks,

It's been a few months you haven't heard from us. That's because we were busy with exams and other stuff(not an excuse though, and but yeah!) now that's over with, we've started working on pie and now it's time we do the reveal of what we've been working on so far. We are happy to announce DotOS 3.0 with the latest release of Android Pie 9.0. we have been working hard to bring something new and unique. however, most of the features are added back from oreo and we'll further add new features based on the user's requests.

Finally, dotOS 3.0 is Here, This will be first release based on pie for Official Devices From Our Team.

We would like to thank all open source roms and all the developers who contribute to development. Good Day! Happy Flashing.

Note: Downloads for official devices will be available soon...

About Oreo:

we know many phones are better off on Oreo, so for you people, we will merge Feb sec patch to the source. Ask your maintainers for one final Oreo(dotos 2.5) build if you need.

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