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dotOS v3.1 Release



Hello Everyone,

It's been a long time since 3.0 Release. Now it's time for "3.1 Feature Update" !!

This is going to be another big release of DotOS. We have worked a hard time to make each part nearly Perfect/Stable to give best-optimized firmware to our beloved community users. We have done lots of groundwork for 3.1, and it is ready for release now. We heard from many of you that some maintainers are not providing proper updates. So we have bought dedicated server to Compile and maintain builds via Jenkins(Automated Build System). Yes, all official builds will get new updates on weekly or bi-weekly based on users/community choice. About OTA, We have added Nightly support to our OTA system, and Maintainers can opt for Nightly if Interested.Also with this release, we have changed our release pattern.

NIGHTLY - whoever opts for Nightly Channel will receive weekly updates.

OFFICIAL - whoever opts for Official Channel will receive one/two updates in a month.

Enough talk, tell me about new changes.

We have added lots of changes this time, also made a dedicated site to Keep Changelogs only so that you can walk through the variety of Changes When each newer version gets Releases.

checkout -

Finally, We are kicking off 3.1 updates, with lots of goodies with more focused on Stability and Smooth User-Experience. Hope everyone Enjoys!

We want to thank all Open source roms and all the developers who contributed to Open Source-Development.

Good Day! Happy Flashing. ✌✌

Note: Downloads for official devices will be available soon... Nightly channels works for Supported devices only, i.e depends on maintainer who likes to push Nightly Builds.

Jenkins : Checkout our Jenkins to Get status about your devices. Visit -

Donations : If you like our work, Please Consider making donations, that help us in adding support for more devices. All donations are greatly Appreciated, and that help us to work more. Visit -

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