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May - dotOS v5.1 Mega Release


DotOS 5.1 : one of the biggest design update ever! 🎉

After many teasers we released on twitter, Today, we are excited to unveil DotOS 5.1. the latest release 5.1 focuses on User Interface, Build System - Jenkins, Applock, FaceUnlock, Privacy and much more.

Design and Ecosystem: 🎨

  • The MonetWannabe

We made a brand-new wallpaper-based system engine, something like Google’s Monet Engine - so we called it MonetWannabe. At the moment of this release, we implemented only the accent color generation, but we plan on a complete system palette dynamic generation, with a possibility to support Live Wallpapers.

  • The new Settings dashboard Interface 🌟

We have redesigned it again. Now it’s more clear and fits better our design guidelines.

  • Package Installer 📦

We took one more step in cleaning the AOSP UI of the Package Installer and you're gonna love it. We always use it, more than we know, so we took the opportunity and gave it a new look.

Security and Privacy: 🔐

With this release, We not only focused on revamping the UI but also Improved our Device maintainer’s policies in improving security. People want an OS that they can trust with their most personal and sensitive information. So we have taken many measures to improve security. We have enforced our maintainers to build only user (release) variant builds and also all official builds will be signed with strong cryptographic keys like OEM’s do.

Jenkins and Build System: 🤖

Starting with the 5.1 release, we have constructed Infrastructure to provide regular updates. Now we can do weekly or Bi-weekly releases based on necessity. All official builds will be done through Jenkins.

Lots of new stuffs in this release 🥳

What's new on System and Customizations:
  • May Security Patches (Android11 r36)
  • Added Applock support
  • Added FaceUnlock support
  • Added Battery Prediction from Turbo
  • Added DataSwitchTile, CellularTile, [add others]
  • Implemented Silky UI for Settings
  • Added Maintainers info inside Customizations
  • Redesigned QSPanel with Android S design
  • Fixed avatar icon on Dashboard's Settings
  • Revamped AboutDevice cards
  • Redesigned Quick Panels
System Updates
  • some devices were failing to download updates, we have finally fixed all of them, with next releases, updates will be seamless.
  • Revamped SystemUpdates [OTA]


  • updated translations from crowdin
  • UI/UX improvements
  • Stability and underhood improvements

To check complete changelogs -

Device Roster:

newly supported devices :

  • juice
  • RMX1851
  • toco
  • pine
  • sweet
  • kebab
  • hotdogb
  • albus
  • vayu
  • wayne

Devices removed :

  • RMX1971
  • chiron

Additionally, We want to thank Henrique Silva for doing amazing job on porting FaceUnlock and making it opensource. Also Big thanks to aospa team for bringing Applock and making it open source.

we thank all contributors who has helped our rom in localizing to thier native language. if you're new -

We hope all of gonna Enjoy this release and Support us in every way!

Again, We want to thank all Open source roms and all the developers who contributed to Open Source-Development.

Good Day! Happy Flashing. ✌✌

Note: Downloads for official devices will be available soon...

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