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dotOS v5.0.1 hotfix Release


FIXES Fixes fixes!!!

In february, dotOS 5.0 was released. its running flawless on many devices, although some devices had issues, either from device specific or frameworks side. we have addressed many fixes. So we are 5.0.1 for fixing those issues. Also we apologize for skipping march release.

So what's stuffs added?

  • April Security Patches (Android11 r34)
  • Added Volte icon
  • Added SFUNY Lockscreen Clock
  • Added Hardware keys lights support
  • Added back SystemUI Tuner (Settings / System)
  • Added Auto-brightness button in QSPanel
  • Added DataUsage view in QSPanel
  • Added auto-detect support for OEM fast chargers
  • Added Heads-up tile
  • Added flag to disable cutout space (Notched devices)
  • Disabled safe volume everywhere
  • Fixes for traffic indicator
  • Fixes for FluidClock preview
  • Fixes for some random SystemUI crashes
  • Added Silky UI
  • Added QSPanel Opaqueness switch
  • Minor fixes on the UI
  • Updated dot stats to new API
System Updates
  • Updated libraries to latest one in prebuilt sdk
  • Updated download urls and server urls to new API
  • Fixed changelog not being stored in database
  • Triple check if every view if should be or not visible


  • updated translations from crowdin
  • UI/UX improvements
  • Stability and underhood improvements

Supported devices:

Devices added :

  • walleye
  • taimen
  • beryllium
  • oneplus3
  • X01BD
  • lavender
  • sakura
  • dumpling
  • cheeseburger
  • jd2019
  • phoenix
  • tulip
  • jasmine_sprout

Devices removed :

  • gauguin
  • instantnoodle

Additionally, we have made huge improvements to our website backend, Thanks to Shreejoy Dash , he did an amazing job in backing our Home page, downloads page and Stats site.

Yay, finally our downloads site is here with all our officially supported devices listed. visit

Redesigned Stats site -

we thank all contributors who has helped our rom in localizing to thier native language.

Bigger plans for 5.1 release

you heard it right? yeah we been working a lot to bring new things in 5.1 and i.e next release, its gonna be huge. New QSPanel, monetwannable, new PackageInstaller, and these are just a glimpse.

We hope all of gonna Enjoy this release and Support us in every way!

Again, We want to thank all Open source roms and all the developers who contributed to Open Source-Development.

Thank you !

Good Day! Happy Flashing. ✌✌

Note: Downloads for official devices will be available soon...

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