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dotOS v5.0 Release based on Android 11


Hello everyone, Long time no see...

It's been a long time since we released 3.1.1 Now it's time for " 5.0 Feature Update " !! dotOS is back on track with a new, highly anticipated update. We all know that we missed last year's dotOS 4.0 based on Android 10 release and we are truly sorry for that, we had lots of personal works. but we overcame and this year we're not going to skip it. We waited for Android 11 release, we have done some fantastic work to bring new things and here we are. :p

Let's get back to the beginning of the backing this wonderful version, shall we?

The summer before the new android version by google was going to be released, Iacob Ionut - our UI/UX Developer started mocking up the new UI designs for the 5th the version of dotOS. As you all know, we always wanted to be different in the matter of User Experience, so the first thing to be redesigned was the Quick Settings Panel.

Next, we've got the idea of replacing the old DotExtras (features hub), the control center for features, embedded inside AOSP Settings, and rename it to "Customizations" to reflect with the name exactly what it does. This rename doesn't come alone, but with a brand new UI and a new way to control the features. No more outdated switches and lists, NO!!!. Now we have feature previews, a more interactive way to take control, and an enhanced theme manager and we even resurrected the good ol' Dot Wallpapers and plenty of Customizations.

Time passes... We've put a lot of time and effort in backing this version of dotOS, only so we can deliver a brand new experience of android, to get out of monotony. There's a lot of different ROMS out there, but only a few are more or less different than others. One of our main goals is to try and get out of the sheep line.

You decide if we managed it ?

We hope all of gonna Enjoy this release and Support us in every way!

Thank you

Finally, and more to GO! We are kicking off 5.0 release, with lots of goodies with more focused on Stability and Smooth User-Experience. Hope everyone Enjoys!

We want to thank all Open source roms and all the developers who contributed to Open Source-Development.

Good Day! Happy Flashing. ✌✌

Note: Downloads for official devices will be available soon...

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