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dotOS v2.5 Release


Build roster

Removed devices:

  1. cedric
  2. nx512j
  3. oxygen

Added devices:

  1. a5xelte
  2. ef63
  3. falcon
  4. titan
  5. hlte
  6. hltechn
  7. hltetmo
  8. s5neoltexx
  9. potter

Changelogs as per 21th July 2018 :-

  • September Security Patches (8.1.0_r46).
  • Fixed DND Tile.
  • Fixed Screenshot Delete in notifications.
  • Allow using 4G icon instead LTE in Statusbar.(switch)
  • Fixed VPN status dialog.
  • Fixed Maintainers URL fetching issue.
  • Added Call Recording Feature.
  • Added Phone Number Lookup feature.
  • Added Auto record feature in dailer.
  • Added Call statistics.
  • Some dialer app Improvements.
  • Added Alarm Blocker.
  • Improvements in LTE signal Reception
  • Added Smart Pixels feature.
  • Added Pocket Mode.
  • UI/UX improvements.
  • New icon for Recorder.
  • Added Vibrate on Plug
  • Updated few Apns.
  • New default wallpaper
  • Added some new Wallpapers in dotpapers
  • Added support for Snapdragon 845 devices.
  • Misc fixes and Under the hood improvements
  • Check Github and Gerrit for More information

So What's going on:

Finally, dotOS 2.5 Oreo Update is Here, This will be Final Update based on Oreo for Official Devices From Our Team. however, Maintainers can Continue Providing Security Patches Based on their Interest.

about oreo release:

We have Planned to Continue Maintaining Oreo Sources with Security Patches for Some time, managing Sources Stable and Buildable.

about Pie release:

It's Coming.... [No More Talks] ;)

As our community have grown exponentially during the days of Oreo and we hope to grow bigger with Pie and further versions. We love the support you showed and the appreciation you gave to the Out-Of-The-Box ideas we implemented in dotOS Oreo's UI and other aspects. We are thankful for that. Here with the Good Message, We are Ending Oreo With 2.5 Release. Good Day!

With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts. - Eleanor Roosevelt