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dotOS v2.4 Release


Build roster

Removed devices:

  1. oneplus3
  2. potter
  3. sanders

Added devices:

  1. s2
  2. kenzo
  3. whyred
  4. zl
  5. marlin
  6. a6020
  7. ham

Changelogs as per 21th July 2018 :-

  • July Security Patches (8.1.0_r36)
  • Added Android P transitions
  • Added batteryBar feature
  • Redesigned OTA manager
  • Redesigned About Device and About Us in Settings
  • Android P Volume Slider
  • Qs panel misc fixes
  • Dotos Analog clock
  • Extras Lockscreen New clocks(Spectrum and Sneeky)
  • Added new set of Qs Panel tiles
  • dotOS Qs panel Customisation
  • Improve LTE signal Reception
  • Add ripple effect to power menu items
  • ScreenOff Animations
  • Added Notification guts kill app Button
  • Added Caffine QSTIle and Always on Display QSTile
  • Added Vibrate on Plug
  • Added Data disable icon Switch
  • Apps icon shapes are circle by default
  • Fingerprint Authentication vibrations toggle
  • Fixed Lockscreen Visualizer
  • Added Battery Stats reset Option
  • Fixed Gallery Fc
  • Fix Mira-Cast Issues
  • System Level Rounded dialogs
  • Fixed Navigation Bar Invisible Issue
  • New set of Icons in Settings Dashboard
  • dotOS Neo Theme
  • Updated few Apns
  • New icon for Browser and its interface will track accent Colors
  • Misc fixes and Under the hood improvements
  • Check Github and Gerrit for More information

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